LED Fast facts

• Up to 85% savings on electricity
• Life of lamp typically 50,000 hours
• Rapid improvements in efficiency (lumens per watt)
• Most lamp types now have LED equivalents
It’s environmentally responsible

Part of the beauty of changing your lighting to energy efficient technology is that the more you change , the sooner you’ll see the change .

From residential, commercial and office to retail spaces, Anstee Electrical provides a fully fledged service to move your business into the 21st century. We’ll assess your current energy and lighting use and requirements and provide a solution that gives you huge and ongoing savings while benefitting the environment through reducing your carbon footprint.


• Utilising product from Clipsal C-Bus and Omni Security systems
• Flexible control of all lighting , power and security devices
• Ability to wirelessly operate using smart phone or tablet devices
• Automatically activate equipment with programmed time schedules
• Automatic notification to smart phone or tablet of any unexpected alerts.